Die Essenz

„Es gibt keine größere Liebe, als wenn einer sein Leben für seine Freunde hingibt.“ (Joh 15,13)

“The essence of the scriptural law is thus summarized in Jesus’s dictum Love your neighbor as yourself (Lev 19:18; Mt 5:43; 19:19; 22:39; Mk 12:31). Finally, the spiritual law, or law of grace, leads humanity to the ultimate imitation of the love of Christ demonstrated in the incarnation, a love which raises us to the level of loving others even above ourselves, a sure sign of the radical grace of deification. It is enshrined in Jesus’s teaching that There is no greater love than this, that a man lay down his life for his friend (Jn 15:13).”

― John Behr, On the Cosmic Mystery of Jesus Christ: Selected Writings

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